English Unseen Poetry Key Skills Revision

Revision of the key skills to include in unseen poetry exams. 

This was done for homework but feel free to use them to help you too! :) 

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Key Skills

An example of an exam question is:- 

'Write about both poems and their effect on you. Show how they are similar and how they are different?' 

Key Skills to include in this essay...

- Tell the examiner how both poems affect you.
- Write about how they are similar and how they are different.
- Comment on content of the poems.
- The poets ideas
- The mood or atmosphere of the poems.
- How the poems are written.
- Your response to the poems
- It is probably easier for most people to write about each poem separately and then make the comparisons.  

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A list of things I need to do to get a B

To get a B I must...

- Convey your own opinions - disguise it by using things such as 'This suggests' 'Implies' 
- Embedded Quotes
- Clear comparisons
- Historical references
- Running Quotations 
- Flow well
- Say how they are similar
- Do not add irrelevant stuff
- Show how both poems affect them
- Find the emotion in both pieces despite the different situations 

  • Write about each poem and then write a conclusion and compare. 
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Things I must do to get an A

To get an A I must...

- Think outside the box
- Draw your own interpretations.
- Raise less points but more analytically sound
- Cover all areas set by the examiner
- Embedded Quotations
- Good structure

  • Make sure:- you explain the techniques and effect on the reader more fully. 
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Skills I need to focus on improving...

One skill for unseen poetry that I need to focus on is to think outside of the box.

I need to include my own ideas to make my essay stand out from the others. I also need to be confident in myself and trust my points and opinions to be right :) 

Another skill I need to focus on is making sure I disguise my opinions by using things such as 'this suggests' and 'this implies' instead of 'in my opinion' and 'i think' 

Using these two skills correctly will give me extra marks towards an B or above grade! 

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