Environmental problems caused by aquaculture

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Environmental problems caused by aquaculture

  • Organic wastes: deoxygenation, nutrient enrichment, increased turbidity
  • Escapes: effect on wild gene pool-farmed gene pool may iclude undesirable characterstics e.g. bright colour causing vulnerability to predtion. Non-native species may compete with native species e.g. signal crayfish in the UK.
  • Lice: may spread disease from farmed fish to wild fish
  • Use of pesticides: may cause local pollution
  • Loss of habitat/biodiversity: where fish farms are constructed, pollution may kill predators e,g, seals, herons, cormorants, otters
  • Impact on tourism: where large-scale operations affect the scenery
  • Coastal erosion caused by mangrove loss: where mangrove forests are destroyed to build farms e.g. tropical shrimp farms
  • Effect of harvesting wild fish populations to provide food: e.g. overfishing of sandeels has reduced seabird survival.
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