Fermenters AQA GCSE Biology

Revision cards for AQA GCSE BIology, about industrial fermenters.


Mycoprotein and Penicillin

Microorganisms can be used to grow Mycoprotein (meat substitute)

  • Mycoprotein is a single celled fungi.
  • A fungus called 'Fusarium' is the main source of mycoprotein.
  • In a fermenter, glucose is supplied t the mycroorganisms as food.
  • The fungus respires AEROBICALLY.
  • It is very important ot to let any other icroorganisms contaminate the fermenter, so EVERYTHING IS STERILISED.

Penicillin is made using Mould grown in Fermenters.

  • The mould is called Peniccilium Chrysogenum. The mould produces the antibiotic.
  • Grown in a liquid culture medium containg sugar, and other nutrients.
  • The sugar is used up as the mould grows.
  • Only when the mould is running out of nutrients does it start to make penicillin.
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Microorganisms in Industry.

Microoorganisms are grown in fermenters on a large scale.

Features are:

  • Food provided in the form of a liquid culture medium, more can be pumped in.
  • Air pumps supply oxygen to the microorganisms.
  • Microorganisms produce heat so the fermenter must be cooled. (cold water jacket) the temperature is monitored with instruments.
  • The righ PH is needed, instruments measure this.
  • Sterile conditions are needed to prevent contamination.
  • To stop the microorganisms from sinking down to the botton, a stirrer keeps them moving, and also maintains the temperature.
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