First World War defeat

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  • failure in Summer 1914
  • limitatIons of war economy
  • stalemate
  • strengths of the allies
  • Weimar Republic problems
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Failure in summer 1914

  • failure to achieve rapid victory in the summer 1914
  • high commansd's strategy was built upon the notion of a quick victory in order to a old a long drawn out conflict with the allies
  • By Autumn 1914, the Schleicher plan had failed to gain a rapid victory
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Limitations of war economy

  • imperial Germany was totally unprepared for the economic costs of a prolonged we
    made great efforts to mobilise the war effort and arms production was dra stoically increased
    economy was seriously dislocated, wrecked the government's finances and increased social tension
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  • forced to fight the war on two fronts, the east and the west
  • balance of military power resulted in a war of stalemate that put immense pressures on imperial Germany
  • difficult due to the allies naval blockade
  • limited import on all supplies
  • policy of unrestricted submarine warfare did not weaken Britain
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Strengths of the allies

  • Britain and France were major colonial powers
  • could call upon their oversees empires for manpower, resources and supplies
  • from April the allies we strengthened by America's entry into war which resulted in the mobilisation of two million men
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Weimar Republic problems

  • signed treaty of zversailles
  • people resented the government for signing the treaty
  • treaty: territorial arrangements, war guilt, reparations, disarmament and maintaining peace
  • hated government for signing armistice on November
  • continuous violence and unrest
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