Fish - Food Tech


Structural Composition

  • Short blocks of fibre 
  • Separated by thin sheets of connective tissue
  • Fat contained in liver of white fish
  • Distributed throughout flesh of oily fish
  • Length of fibre indicative of tenderness
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  • Rapidly pass into rigor mortis
  • Bacterial deterioration
  • Flesh has nitrogen containing compounds
  • Breakdown of nitrogen gives fish bad smell
  • Ammonia produced by bacterial attack on protein
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Development of odours

  • Ammonia produced by bacterial attack on proteins
  • Trimethylamine Oxide broken down by bacteria to Trimethylamine
  • Characteristic bad smell of fish
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  • Ice large cooling capacity
  • Ice ideal medium
  • Added advantage of washing and keeping moist whilst melting
  • Freshwater fish keep longer than saltwater
  • Tropical fish last longer than cold water
  • Stored for up to a month
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  • Quality will be poorer
  • About -30c
  • Extend shelf life for several months
  • Only fresh raw fish should be frozen
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Quality of Fish

  • Time and place of capture
  • Out of season if caught when spawing
  • Reduced fat in pelogic species
  • Low protein content
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