Flow Charts


Flow Charts

definition- a schematic representation of a system or process and indicates at which stage quality control should be taken. it is a visual rather than text based form of communication which provides an easy reference for the viewer

Open Loop

  • Has no feedback on quality of each stage of production
  • Process will continue without any interference from control system even with output change
  • is a disadvantage as it can't detect or correct errors in the process
  • used in simple processes where feedback isn't vital, and is low cost. example is light switch

Closed Loop

  • Utilises feedback to make decisions about changes to a process e.g. quality control
  • most of them are automatic e.g. temperature controllers on air conditioning systems
  • Can detect errors early in production and rectifies them
  • An example is fitting a dimmer switch to the light switch above, the system gives feedback and light can be dimmed.
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