Food legislation

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The food safety act states it is illigal to; 

sell food which has been contaminated.   If it is unfit for human consumption.   And it is illegal to advertise in a way that misleads the consumer. 

The act aims to ensure food is safe to eat, is of high quality and is not presented  in a misleading way. The act provides legal powers and penalties and it also fulfils EU responsibilties.    The main offences the food safety act deals with is selling or posessing food for sale which does not comply with food safety requirements.   Rendering food injurious to health.  Thirdly selling food which is not of the nature, substance of quality demanded.    Lastly falsely describing or presenting food, 

TRADING STANDARDS officers deal with the the labelling of food and its consumption.     ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH OFFICERS deal with hygiene. 

Food hygiene regulations, 1995 updated in 2006.

The aim is to ensure common hygiene rules across the EU.  Regulations cover;   the temperature of food, which if at the wrong temperature us likely to cause the growth of harmful bacteria.  It  also covers food hygiene and lastly hazard analysis and risk assessment. 

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The Weights and measures Act 1985

This is a criminal law, which means any trader who breaks it can be prosecuted.    It is enforced by trading standards officers. They ensure that the consumer are not given less than they have paid for and that traders do not use innaccurate weighing equipment.   It is illegal to give short weight or innacurate quantity. 

Food labelling 

Food lables must follow the food labelling regulations and give the following details; 

1. name and description of the food     2. list of ingredients in weight descending order.      3. a date code    4. the weight or volume of the pack. 

Date codes

use by dates are shown on food with a short shelf life, which should be stored in a refridgerator.   The vest before dare codes are on food with a short to meduium shelf life e.g. biscuits.   And lastly the displat until date codes are used by the store to tell them when to remove a product. 

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