Freedmen of Tiberius and Claudius




  • Although he may not have been a freedman, he was a slave of Aggrippa Postumus', and when Tiberius came to power, and Agrippa Postumus died, in AD16, Clemens wanted an uprising and decided to take vengeance on Tiberius; according to Tacitus, he "stole Agrippa's ashes", and grew a beard and his hair in order to make himself look like Postumus, and then "spread the rumour that Agrippa Postumus was alive" - many believed him and followed his lead, trying to overthrow Tiberius. 
  • When questioned by Tiberius as to how he made himself into Agrippa Postumus, according to Tacitus, he replied " 'As you made yourself into Caesar'"
  • Tiberius had him killed in a "secluded part of the palace" as he didn't want it to be public, perhaps suggesting the accession wasn't as strong as he would have liked it to be
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Freedmen of the senate

  • Narcissus - Claudius' secretary - awarded an honourary quaestorship after he made himself temporary commander of the Praetorian Guard the day that Messalina's marriage was uncovered - he's the one that orders the guard to "[run] her through"...Claudius was told she had died, but not how, and he just "called for more wine"(Tacitus)
  • Pallas his treasurer - he was the only one to support Claudius' desicion to marry Aggrippina the Younger, and may have been having an affair with her
  • Pallas and Narcissus tell Claudius to "act promptly or her new husband controls Rome" when Messalina's marriage is uncovered
  • Suetonius also tells us that his favourite freedmen included "Posides...Felix...Harpocras...Polybius...Narcissus and Pallas
  • Suetonius comments that Claudius "fell so deeply under the influence of these freedmen and wives that he seemed to be their servant rather than their emperor"
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  • Govenor of Eypt under Tiberius - would have lasted longer, but he died in the postition - the only freedmen that we have evidence of from the sources, that Tiberius puts his trust into.
  • Govenor in 32AD for a few months
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