French future tense

Explanation on how to form the future tense in French. 

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How to form the future tense

The future tense is used to express a future action or state, that is what will happen in the future.

To form the future tense:

  • For -er and -ir verbs, use the infinitive as the stem.

          For -re verbs, remove the -e from the infinitive and use it as the stem.

  • Add the following endings: (these are off the verb avoir)

je -ai                         nous -ons

tu -as                        vous -ez

il/elle/on   -a              ils/elles -ont

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Irregular verb stems

There are irregular verbs that use different stem to regular verbs but they still use the same endings! Just learn these stems:

aller -ir (to go)  

avoir -aur (to have)

etre -ser (to be)

faire -fer (to do)

falloir -faud (to need)

pouvoir -pourr (to be able to)

savoir -saur (to know)

voir -verr (to see)

vouloir -voudr (to want)

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Sentence examples


With -er

  • Je parlerai avec mon professeur. - I will speak with my professor.

With -re

  • Nous vendrons le journal. - We will sell the newspaper. (note that the last -e in the infinitive is dropped from vendre to vendr.)

With -ir

  • Vous rougirez si je vous raconte la blague. - You will blush if I tell the joke.
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Sentence examples cont.


  • J'irai en ville cet après-midi. - I will go downtown this afternoon.
  • Je pourrai parler Francais.- I will be able to speak French.
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