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Everything needed for a French GCSE, there are no accents on the words though! sorry..

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Question Words

Quand? - Wen?

Qu'est-ce que? - What?

Qui?- Who?

Quel(le) - Which/What?

Ou- Where?

Pourquoi? - Why?

Comment? - How/What?

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Rooms of the House

La cuisine - Kitchen

La salle a manger - Dining room

Le Bureau - Study

La Salle/Le Salon - Living room

La chambre - Bedroom

La salle de bain - Bathroom

Le Jardin - Garden

L'escalier - Stairs

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Where Is Your House?

La ville- Town

La campagne - Countryside

La banlieue - Outskirts

Au Bord de la Mer - By the sea

Tout pres de - Very near to

Devant - In front of/Before

Il y a un parc et des magasins pas loin de chez moi - There is a park and some shops not far from my house.

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Description Words

*Petit(e) - Small

*Grand(e) - Big

*Joli(e) - Pretty

*Beau (Bel/Belle) - Beautiful

*Vieux (Vieie/Vieille) - Old

Moderne - Modern

Confortable - Comfortable

Tranquille - Quiet/Peaceful

*Word goes In Front of the noun!

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Tu As Une Routine Journaliere?

Je me lave - I wash

Je prends une douche - I take a shower

Je me reveille - I wake up

Je m'habille - I get dressed

Je me couche - I go to bed

Je fais mon lit - I make my bed

Je fais le menage - I do the housework

Heureusement - Fortunately

Malheureusement - Unfortunately

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Tu As Une Routine Journaliere?

Tout les jours, je me reveille a six heures et demie et je me leve a sept heures et quart. Je me lave at je m'habille. Je rends une douche, puis je prend le petit dejeuner. D'habitude je prend des toasts et du lait. Je quitte la maison a huit heures. De temps en temps je prend le bus mais normalement je vais a college a pied. J'arrive au college a huit heure et demie et les cours commencent a neuf heures. A midi on mange dans la cantine. D'habitude, c'est tres bon. Puis, j'ai encore trois heure de cours. Je rentre a cinq heures et demie. C'est fatigant. Je me repose un peu. Souvent je fais mes devoirs avant le diner. Apres, je lis, j'ecote mes CD ou je regarder la tele. Je me couche a dix heures.

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What Is Your Daily Routine?

French to English translation

Every day I wake up at six thirty and I get up at quarter past seven. I wash and i get dressed. I take a shower and then I have breakfast. I usually have toast and milk. I leave home at eight o'clock. From time to time I take the bus, but normally I go to college on foot. I arrive at the college eight and a half hours and classes start at nine o'clock. At noon we eat in the canteen. Usually, it's very good. Then I still have three hours of classes. I go a half past five. It's tiring. I rest a little. I often do my homework before dinner. After I read, listen tomy CDs or watch the TV. I go to bed at ten o'clock.

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VERBS - Are action words (She PLAYS football every Saturday)

1) Has already happened (Past - I went, I have been, I had been)

2) Happening now (Present - I go, I am going)

3) Hasn't happened yet (Future - I go, I will go, I will be going)

PRESENT TENSE - what's happening now

STEM = Infinitive - Last two letters

Infinitive = Regarder - Finir - Vendre

Stem = Regard - Fin- Vend

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Regarde - To watch

Je regard e   (I)

Tu regard es (You)

Il/Elle/On regard e (He/She/One)

Nous regard ons (We)

Vous regard ez (You pl or polite form)

Ils/Elles regard ent (They)

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Finir - To finish

Je fin is (i)

Tu fin is (You)

Il/Elle/On fin it (He/She.One)

Nous fin issons (We)

Vous fin issez (You pl or polite form)

Ils/Elles fin issent (They)

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Vendre - To sell

Je vend s (i)

Tu vend s (You)

Il/Elle/On vend (He/She/One)

Nous vend ons (We)

Vous vend ez (You pl or polite form)

Ils/Elles vend ent (They)

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ETRE - To be

i am - je suis

You are - Tu est

He/She/One is - Il/Elle/On est

We are - Nous Sommes

You(s) are - Vous etres

They are - Ils/Elles sont

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AVOIR - To have

I Have - J'ai

You have - Tu as

He/She/One has - Il/Elle/On a

We have - Nous avons

You(s) have - Vous avez

They have -  Ils/Elles ont

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FAIRE - To do or make

I make - Je fais

You make - Tu fais

He/She/One makes - Il/Elles/On fait

We make - Nous faisons

You(s) make - Vous faites

They make -  Ils/Elles fout

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ALLER - To go

I go - Je vais

You go - Tu vas

He/She/One goes - Il/Elle/On va

We go - Nous allons

You(s) go - Vous allez

They go - Ils/Elles vout

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VOULOIR - To want

I want - Je veux

You want - Tu veux

He/She/On wants - Il/Elle/On veut

We want - Nous voulons

You want - Vous voulez

They want - Ils/Elles veulent

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DEVOIR - Must or to have to

I must - Je dois

You must - Tu dois

He/She/One must - Il/Elle/On doit

We must - Nous devons

You(s) must - Vous devex 

They must - Ils/Elles doivent

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