French Tenses

French regular verbs in the Present Tense 


The Present Tense

 When to use it: To talk about what is happening at the moment or now, what happens usually or normally.

 How to form it: Many French verbs are regular -er verbs. The infinitive ends in -er. e.g. jouerregarderécouterarriver.

These verbs are regular because the ending of the word follows a pattern according to who or what is doing the action

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je regrade - i watch

tu regardes- you (sg) watch

it/elle/on regarde- he/se/it watches

nous regardons- we watch

vous regardez- you (pl) watch

ils/elles regardent- they watch 

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Je finis - i finish

tu finis - you (sg) finish

il/elle/on finit - he/she/it finishes

nous finissons - we finish

vous finissez - you (pl) finish

ils/elles finissent - they finish 

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Je perds - i lose

tu perds - you (sg) lose

it/elle/on perd  - he/she/it loses

nous perdons - we lose

vous perdez - you (pl) lose

ils/elles perdent  - they lose 

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