Future and conditional tenses


What are they?

The future tense (le futur) is used to say what you will do. 

The conditional (le conditionnel) is used to say what you would do. 

The near future is used to say what you are going to do. In english think of it as I am going to. 

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How to form the future tense

The future tense is formed by adding the appropriate endings to the the infinitive of the verb.

The endings are as follows

Je - ai

Tu - as

Il/Elle/On - a

Nous - ons

Vous - ez

Ils/Elles - ont

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How to form the conditional tense

The conditional tense is formed by taking the future stem of the infinitive and adding the imperfect endings. 

The endings are as follows.

Je - ais 

Tu - ais

Il/Elle/On - ait

Nous - ions

Vous - iez

Ils/Elles - aient

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How to form the near future tense

The near future tense is formed by aller + infinitive

For example J'ai regarder - I am going to watch

Elle va manger - She is going to eat

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Irregular verbs

Some verbs in french are irregular and change their stem in the future and conditional tense. 

Aller (to go) - ir                                                    Savior (to know) - saur

Etre (to be) - ser

Faire (to do) - fer 

Pourvoir - (to be able to) - pourr

Venir (to come) - viendr

Voir (to see) - verr

Vouloir (to want) - voudr

Devoir (to have to) - dev

Envoyer (to send) - enverr                                

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