GCSE Chemistry Key Words

These Revision card will help with learning the key definitions of each of theese ISA Key Terms

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Prcise measurement are ones in which ther is verry little spread about the mean value.

Precision depends only on the extent of random errors-It gives no indication on how close results are to the true value.

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A reliable measurement is one that consistently remains the same after several repeats.

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A measurement is repeatable if the origional experimenter repeats the investigation using the same method and equipment and obtains the same results

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A measurement is reaproducible if the investigation is repeated by another person or by using different equipment or techniques, and the same results are obtained.

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Theese are physical, chemical or biological quantities or charactaristics.

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Continuous variables can have values (called a quantity) that can be given a magnitude either by counting (as in the case of the number of shrimp) or by measurement (eg light intensity, flow rate ect) 

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Categoric variables have values that are labels. Eg names of plants or types of material.

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A control variable is one wich may in addition to the independant variable, affect the outcome of the investigation and therefore has to be kept constant or at least monitored.  

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The dependant variable is the variable of which the value is measured for each and every change in the independant variable. 

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The independant variable is the variable for which values are changed or selected by the investigator

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A proposal intended to explain certain facts or observations

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