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Coasts - MEDC - UK - Poole Harbour

In Poole the main buildings are:

  • Ship building plants, which supply a lot of the countries ships because the abundance of resources there.
  • Oil energy plants are based around the area because of the mass in volume of the fuel in this area of the country.
  • Conservation buildings are there to help protect the environment of the area, the reason why they are located in this area is due to the manufacturing and dredging of the oil from the un-ecofriendly machines.
  • There is a fishing building here because of it being a seaside town.
  • There are very expensive homes here, one of the most expensive in the UK, this is due to the aesthetically pleasing views and the value of the land for the black gold (oil) underneath.
  • There are transport systems located here because it is very near Weymouth and Bournemouth and so people can travel to the other places without the need of a car or motorbike.
  • There are tourist attractions here because the area is very aesthetically pleasing.
  • There is important geology in this area i.e. the Jurassic Coast.
  • There are recreation facilities, as there are in every towns.
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Tectonic Hazard - LEDC - Haiti Earthquake

  •  Haiti has more Cholera causes than the whole of Africa.
  •  One year before cholera appeared in Haiti there were arround 221,000  reported cases and 4,950 deaths to Cholera globally, according to WHO.
  •  In less than two years, Haiti had seen more than 586,000 cases and 7,500 deaths to Cholera.
  • At $1.80 a dose, the vaccine which requires two doses, two weeks apart gives 65% protection over 3 years.
  • To inoculate the entire country would cost $36 million a small potion of the $230 million the world has already dedicated to combat the unexpected epidermic in Haiti.
  • The program to vaccinate 100,000 Haitians, 11% of the population didn't get underway until mid-Apri, a year and a half after it was first proposed.
  • Before the earthquake the water pipes dated from Napoleonic era reaching only 12% of the population.
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Coasts - MEDC - UK - Lulworth Cove

Lulworth cove is on the Jurassic Coast which means preservation is very important to the local people because of the great history of the area. Also the fossils on the cliff surface shows great examples of the prehistoric history in the UK.

It is eroded mainly by Abrasion and Hydraulic action because these types of erosion can reach high up in the cliff giving all cliffs a unique structure.

The structure of the coast i.e. the cove was formed many thousands of years ago due to the different layers of strata hard outer rock caused a narrow neck for the entrance and softer rock within caused the inside to have a very wide diameter of the rough circle shape.

Rocks at Lulworth cove:

  • Chalk
  • Greensand
  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Portland stone
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Mount Etna - MEDC - November 2002

1 of the most active volcanoes, high population on the sides of the volcano, over 100 houses were damaged in the town of Santa Verina and hotels were used to provide shelter for victims.

Etna is a strato-volcano, which has formed as a result of repeated volcanic eruptions that have built up layers of lava and ash to create a cone.

Mount Etna erupted throughout November 2002, at up to 4.3 on the richter scale, clouds of gas and ash were forced from two vents, soon followed by magma forced 100m into the air in a spectacular display.

The earthquake damaged more than 100 homes in Santa Verina, Residential areas i.e. the Linguaglossa were evacuated, schools nearby were shut down, the Cantanian airport was shut for 4 days because ash threatened to clog up airoplane engines, The flowing lava engulfed a restuarant and lava on the slopes forced the skiing season to be closed.

In response the Italian government declared it as a state of emrgency, rescue workers battled hard to divert the flow of lava, threatening to engulf a science monitoring centre the army built up barriers of cracked tarmac, also emergency workers dug out a channel to divert the flow of northern flow lava. A ship equiped with a medical clinic was positioned of cantonia to be ready in case of emergency.

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