GCSE music: Koko- yiri analysis

Koko- yiri analysis


Koko- yiri analysis

album- burkina faso- balaphone and african drum. Leader- madou kone + 5 others


features of african music->

  • repetition
  • improvisation
  • polyphony
  • call & response

themes of song-

  • struggle to survive daily life
  • importance of the environment
  • celebration of life
  • friendship
  • importance of suroundings and the earth
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Koko- yiri analysis


  • balaphone and voice
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  • instumentation: dundun
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  • instumentation: djembe
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  • instumentaion: talking drums
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  • instumentation: donno
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timbre ->

(The character or quality of a musical sound or voice as distinct from its pitch and intensity.)

the timbre is developed through the piece.

  • it starts with a single balafon
  • then another balafone enters
  • drums are added
  • finally the voice
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  • texture is very simple at the beggining 
  • but is built up through the piece as instruments are added
  • yiri is POLYPHONIC- as the parts weave in and oout of eachother
  • the two balaphones are heteraphonic (same melody but at different pitches)
  • call and response
  • there are at least 4 differnt parts that are indipendant of eachother.
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  • single balaphone begins
  • second balaphone joins after intro at a lower pitch (heteraphonic)
  • when the drums enter they play an OSTINATO which is played throughout 
  • voice finally enters; - firstly in unison then later in call and response, then back to unison at the end
  • the rythm changes slightly at the en followed by a silence which idicated the end of the piece
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