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Definition of health


 Cardiovascular fitness

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A state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing.


The ability of your heart and lungs to keep your workingmuscles supplied with Oxygen 

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Benifits from excercise


Physical Benefits of Excercise

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- Physical - e.g. tones muscles

- Mental - e.g. stress relief

- Social - teamwork, communication


- Improved body shape

- Increased muscle tone and posture

- Strengthens bones and muscles 

- Reduces the chance of illness so increasing life expectancy

- Improves endurance flexiblity and overall fitness

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In what situations should you be careful when starting to exercise?


Types of Physical activity and its benefits

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  • When you haven't exercised before
  • When you haven't exercised for a while
  • If you have been ill or injured
  • If you are middle aged or older


F A T Doesn't Look Good

  • Team games - teamwork and outwitting opponents in competitive situations.
  • Survival and outdoor adventurous activities - Life saving skills and problem solving.
  • Gymnastics -  accurate replication of actions and sequences.
  • Dance - explores and communicates ideas, concepts and emotion.
  • Athletics - performing at the highest levels of speed, height, distance, strength or accuracy.
  • Fitness and health  - e.g. aerobics -  exercising safely and effectively to improve health and well-being.
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Player / performer




Leader / coach

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Players or performers -  train and practise their sport in order to perform to the best of their ability


Organizer - arranging a sporting event e.g. booking a venue, arranging equipment.


Leader or coach - a specialist in their chosen activity, an important influence on both individuals and teams when working towards set goals and on behaviour in sport. Responsible for preparing a performer in skill acquisition, appropriate technique and the correct physical and mental state.

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Choreographer - Dance and gymnastic performances need to be choreographed to look aesthetically pleasing. They design, plan and organize the performers so they look their best.

Official - controls the activity, interprets the rules, laws or regulations of the game and checks the equipment such as a referee or umpire.

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