Crime & Punishment, Religious Responses to Drug Abuse, Matters of Life and World Poverty key words. Sorry if the colours are slightly random :D

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Crime & Punishment key words

Aims of punishment

Retribution - Revenge, giving the criminal what they deserve

Rehabilitation - Change the offender's ways

Deterrent - putting people off comitting crimes

Vindication - Proving something to be right

Protection - Protecting potential victims from criminal activities


Suspended sentence - when a sentence is only carried out if the criminal re-offends within a set period of time

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Crime & Punishment key words

Electronic tagging - monitoring movements

Community Punishment Order - unpaid work for your community

Parole - temporary or permanent release from prison for good behaviour

Incarceration - prison or institution

Corporal punishment - punishment by pain

Capital punishment - punishment by death

Custodial punishment - punishment by captivity

Reparation - making up for the harm done in a crime

Prison reform - the attempt to improve conditions inside prisons

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Crime & Punishment key words 2

Curfew - when a person has to be at home by a certain time each day

Probation - rules set by the court supervised by a probation officer

Fine - an amount of money paid to the court as punishment

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Drug Abuse key words

Drug - a substance that alters the working of the mind and /or body

Legal drug - drugs licensed and taxed by the government

Illegal drug - drugs which are against the law to possess and / or use

Class A, B, C - a classification used by the government to denote the perceived danger of a given drug

Hard drugs - a drug that is considered to be addictive and dangerous

Soft drugs - a drug that is considered not to be physically addictive and less dangerous

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Matters of life key words

Embryology - the study of embryos

Embryo - Fertilised ovum at about 12 to 14 days

Foetus - Fertilised ovum at about 11 weeks

IVF - In Vitro Fertilisation

AID/AIH/AIP - Artificial Insemination by Donor/Husband/Partner

Cloning - The production of genetically identical individuals

Infertile - The inability to naturally conceive

Surrogacy - When a woman has a baby for another woman

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Matters of life key words

Xeno-transplantation - The transplant of an organ from a non-human animal into a human

Stem cell research/technology - research on the stem cells taken from an embryo to help with diseases

Saviour siblings - when a genetically engineered embryo is implanted containing the means necessary to save another sibling

Genetic Engineering - The technology and practice of cloning and genetic manipulation

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World Poverty key words

Charity - giving to the needy, charity organisations don't work for profit

Duty - what someone has to do

Emergency Aid - Aid given in an emergency like a natural disaster

Exploitation - misuse of power or money to get people to do things for little or no reward

Fair Trade - trade that gives people a fairer wage

Global interdependence - Countries depend on each other

LEDC - Less Economically Developed Country (poor countries)

MEDC - More Economically Developed Country (rich countries)

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World Poverty key words

Poverty - being without the basic needs of life

Quality of life - how good life is

Responsibility - things we look after

Sustainable development - development which is sustainable and will keep going

Wealth - having enough money for a good life

World Trade - trade between countries in the world

Long-term aid - aid which is more long-term, like the building of a medical centre

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