Genre Clasification Of Videogames

genre clasification of video games - media A2

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Genre 1 : Adventure

The emphasis is on the combination of exploration and object-based puzzles. Progress is made through investigation. Combat is often a significant part of the exploration.

The examples : Tomb Raider, Mario, GTA

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Genre 2 - 'Beat 'em up'

Games with the emphasis on raw combat. The challenge is defeating opponents while avoiding as much damage as possible.

Examples : GTA , Counter Strike, Call Of Duty, Teken

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Genre 3 : Platform

Platform games demand that players explore , negotiate and then conquer environments. Regardless of character and setting , platform games share the same core values.

Examples: The Warriors , Crash Bendicoot, Spyro, Abe's Odyssey

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Genre 4 : Puzzle

Puzzle games test reflexes and levels of concentration as well as inteligence, but do so in a more confined gamespace than strategy games.

Examples: Who wants to be a millionaire, Worms

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Genre 5 : Racing

Regardless of character or vehicle , the core element of a racing game is that a player beats either the clock or a rival.

Examples: Mario Kart, Need for speed, Crash Team Racing

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Genre 6: Rhythm action

Rhythm action games require players to coordinate their interaction to the beats and rhythms of music.

Examples: Guitar Hero, The Dance Mat, Singstar , Nintendo WII, Xbox Kinect

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Genre 7 : RPGs ( Role Playing Games)

a combination of a character /inventory evolution , a quest-based structure and an element of NPC ( non-playable character) interaction.

example; Sims

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Genre 8: Shooters

both 2D and 3D shooters challenge the player to quickly acquire targets, aim and shoot. Good reflexes are essential, as is the ability to think quickly and interpret patterns and wave formations.

example; Call of Duty

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Genre 9: Sports

Representations of real-world sports, including extreme sports and leisure pursuits.

Examples: Fifa, UFC, MBA, Cool Boarders

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Genre 10: Strategy

The core gameplaying element in strategy games is playing with a calculated approach. These games require a high level of cerebral input by the player. Strategy includes stimulation-based games.

Examples: The Sims, The Urbz

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