Geography fact file on nigeria


nigeria facts

1. 25 percent of Africas population lives in Nigeria

2.The two main religions in Nigeria are islam and christianity

3.Nigerias main export is oil as it has vast oil reserves and its fuel contains high amounts of sulfur making it high grade and perfect for cars

4.Nigeria is split into three sections:the savanna north , tropical south and the rugged highlands of central Nigeria

5.Nigeria has Africas largest economy and experiences growth of 6-8 percent each year 

6.The majority of Nigerias population works in agriculture but this is begining to change as urban areas have grown.

7.Life expectancy for males is 52 and females is 54 in 2011.

8.Literacy rate is 61.3

9.The major lanuages are:English,hausa,igbo,yoruba,ibibio,edo,fulfulde and kanuri

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