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Assess whether development and governance are the

1 DEVELOPMENT-peoples basic health + nutritional status strongly correlate with thier ability to survive disasters. After hazards, people generally become undernourished and sick, less likely to be able to actively response to the disaster. 2 social development- health, education, housing etc., economic development-wealth and improvement of equality of life., enviromental development- resouce usgae., political development- values such as human rights, political freedom and democracy. 3 CASE STUDY- HAITI- 2010- 9000 people died from cholera } people who drank from the river became ill- low levels of development often are at the roof of disatsers. 4 development causes disaster= unsustainable development, practises that create unsafe working conditions and reduce enviromental quality. development reduces diaster= access to safe drinking water, food.(places that are further developed have the means to recover after a disaster) 

5 GOVERNANCE- weak political organisation and political corruption make a population vulnerable in terms of disaster risk. 6 governance encompasses formal and informal arrangements and proceduces.

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Evaluate the importance of re-branding to the succ

1 Rebranding- the reinvention of rural places to change the look or purpose of a place.

2* PAST OF THE LAKE DISTRICT- rebranded in 1951 as national park, failed to get national world heritage status. - outdoor recreation, outstanding resources- e.g mountains, rock climbing, hill walking.

3 WHY REBRAND?- larger market, increase investment, improve local lives.

4 OLYMPICS 2012- increased intrest in cycling and sailing- health and fitness and recreation.

5 NOW IN THE LAKE DISTRICT- Go Ape 2003, North Face mountain bike trail 2006, challanges in the Lake District- Fred Whitton challenge.

6 ADVANTAGES- Popular, 42,000 jobs, income generated. tour of britian cycle race- boosted economy £3million, gives residents something to do.

7 DISADVANTAGES- traffic congestion- travelling to Go Ape etc. Possible damage to rare-rock vegatation- climbing wall may put pressure on the stone cycle.

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Assess whether sustainable managment schemes are a

Managed retreat- essex marshes


low maintence

provides natural habitat

provides natural protection against coast

x low lying estuary area

x full force of water onto the coast

beach replenishement - mappleton


x no beach

x damages the landscape


1 Fastest eroding coastline 2m per year. Bedrock made of till. 

2*processes acting upon coastline- marine erosion, longshore drift

*3 rock groynes- were built out to sea to stop process of long shore drift , protect beach from erosion and moving up the beach

4 strave beaches further down from sediment- stop people from using it


bad for enviroment- take alot to transport

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Assess the impact of TNC's (transnational corporat

1 buisnesses distrupted around the world.

economic shift caused centre of gravity to shift to eastern countires such as china- more manifacturing.

open door policy allows fdi of tncs

china= winner because improved infra strucutre for living enviroment- escape a dollar a day.

more opportunitys for china= PHDS

loser- more industry so enviroment suffering

harmful gases into atmosphere can cause strokes etc.- decrease life expectancy

only provides jobs in urban areas and not rural areas.

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