Retailer Diversity: Most of the services are either public service facilities or local product stores with very few cafes and chain stores.

Place Check: Had a historical feel to it with cobbled pavements and traditional architecture that was peaceful and tranquil. However there wasnt enough parking for the cars so they often parked on the road and there werent pavements provided everywhere which could be a saftely problem.

EQA: 18/40

Non-Participant Observation: Not many people around at all but those who were, were mainly middle aged to retired people around wearing pratical clothing. One women wasnt very friendly to her customers which reflects badly off the area

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Retail Diversity: The most frequent services we saw were local stores and pubs with no clothing stores at all and very few chain stores.

Place Check: Near the harbour there was a very pleasing view with flowers and trees around its perimeter with historic statues and traditional houses. However there was a lot of litter and traffic around the roads.

EQA: 24/40

Non-Particpant Observation: Everyone we saw was 65 or over who were all very friendly and talkative and were enthusatic about sharing their knowledge of their village. All the locals knew each other and were more than happy to interact with us. No one stood out everyone on the same page.   

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Rebranding Stragies Used: Redevelopemnt and Re-imaging was used to focus the site to be based on Heritage and Media, Culture and Arts

Target Audience: Families, Tourists and the Elderly

EQA: 21/25

Index of Decay: 1

Redevelopment Evidence: Changed the whole car park into an open space to host festivals and historical events

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Rebranding Stragies Used: Rebranding and Redevelopment used to change the area into a Sports and Leisure facility aswell as Media, Arts and Culture.

Target Audience: Families, Pensioners and Sporting Fans

EQA: 19/25

Index of Decay: 3

Redevelopment Evidence: They have built new flats for penisoners viewing the cricket ground there are new shops in the area aswell as open space.

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Rebranding Stragies Used: Did not start project

Target Audience: employees middle aged

EQA: 12/25

Index of Decay: 8

Redevelopment Evidence: Was non as no development was started

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Rebranding Stragies Used: Redevelopment was used to create an area of business and commerce. 

Target Audience: Young families or pensioners

EQA: 10/25

Index of Decay: -9

Redevelopment Evidence: built new blocks of afforable modern housing

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