Africa and Climate Change

  • In Morocco, the fishing industries have been negatively effected because of the North Atlantic Oscillation
  • Reduced growing period in the Sahel region e.g.Burkina Faso. 70% of employment in Sahel region through agriculture
  • High proportion of population concentrated in coastal areas e.g. Nigeria. Makes them vulnerable to sea level rises
  • Deforestation in the Republic of Congo for an example is affecting the climate in the south.
  • Marine fishery in Namibia negatively affected by changes in ocean currents
  • Drought in Zimbabwe has long lasting effects on economy. Drought increases through desertification.
  • Intensity of extreme weather increases in South Africa e.g flooding
  • Improved conditions for mosquitos means an increase in malaria in South Africa
  • East African Great Lakes respond to climate change through storage e.g.Tanzania
  • Nile Delta threatened by sea level rise hacing major regional implications
  • Economic impacts may mean political turmoil and less money to prepare.
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The Artic and Climate Change

  • Artic is warming by 7-7.5 degrees centigrade
  • Artic surfaces especially snow reflect Sun's heat back keeping the earth cool
  • Artic soilds accumulate 11% of the worls carbon, therefore thawing of permafrost will release CO2
  • Melting of Greenland Ice Sheets mean an injection of fresh water changing ocean currents e.g.North Atlantic Current
  • Alaska is greatly affected as the melting permafrost has meant the sinking of places like Fairbanks.
  • Salmon fishing is a major industry and increase in temperature means increase in parasites and a decline in salmon
  • Rising sea levels and more storms increase coastal erosion
  • Socio-economic impacts include opening up of the Northwest shipping pasage
  • New oil and gas fields therefore more accessible.
  • World impacts include changing weather patterns and flooding of many big cities like London due to melting of ice sheets and rising sea levels.
  • Habitats are effected and polar bears have to feed in local towns
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