Coastal Change and conflict Keywords- Coastal processes

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Abrasion (type of erosion)

When smaller rocks hit the cliff face which are being carried to sea.

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Attrition ( type of erosion)

When smaller rocks hit each other in the sea and become smaller.

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The movement of a wave retreating back to sea, away from the beach.

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Biological Weathering

Rock being broken apart by plants and trees.

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Chemical Weathering

Rock being worn away by various solutions.

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Coastal Flooding

When areas of land are flooded by sea.

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Constructive Wave

Wave which has a larger swash than backwash.

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Placing sand and sediment in a certain place by a wave, erosion, transportation or humans.

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Detructive Wave

Wave which has a larger backwash than swash.

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Breacking down of rock and sediment.

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The distance a wave travels before hitting the coastline.

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Hydraulic Action ( type of erosion)

the force of the sea pushes water into the cracks of a rock, eroding the cliff face.

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Mass Movement

When large amounts of sediment and rock move, e.g slumping or rock fall.

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Mechanical Weathering

Rocks being torn apart by physical force.

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Sub-Ariel processes

The weathering of rock and the impacts of wind and rain.

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The movement of a wave onto the beach.

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The weather breaking down the rock.

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