Geography - Extreme Environments

Mountains, Deserts and Extra's

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Extreme Environments

Mountains & Deserts

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what is an extreme environment?

An Extreme Environment is an area place of region where its on edge of people or any over living organisms to survive in.

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What makes an Extreme Environment, Extreme?

Many reasons can make an extreme environment, extreme such which are: climate conditions, the temperatures can be below freezing in a mountain environment or temperatures can be very hot to much for anyone to survive in , in a desert. Secondly lack of human resources in either the mountains or desert , this could be no food or water resources.

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what are different perceptions of the Desert?

Many people have different perceptions of the desert, especially in Art, Poerty, Films & Documentrys. In Art the perceptions are seen as being Mysterious, weird, and not real, also in a piece of art the desert was percieved as being time consuming. In poetry the desert is percieved as being ruined by humans and that it should be kept with not human interaction. Films such as 'the english patient' or 'the mummy' are percieved as being something you have to explore or find out more about. Lastly documentarys such as 'Bare Grills' percieve deserts as being a whole new world, and being dangerous.

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What animals live in the Desert Environment?

Camel, Fennec Fox, Scorpian, Sand Cat, Fat sand rat, Hawk.

 Also many more Animals live in the Desert across the world.

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