Geography general top tips for you !

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Top tips - What to do !

Top tips for geography 

  • underline and focus in on key words in the question ( be careful not to miss out on helpful information in a question like advantages and disadvatages)
  • look at the number of marks and write answers that are the right length 
  • add detail and geograpical words / vocab wherever possible 
  • use casestudies wherever possible 
  • answer the right questions 
  • understand what the question is asking you to do 
  • describe say what it looks like 
  • explain is tell me why in detail 
  • if a question saiys describe and explain make sure you do both of those things to get the best marks possible 
  • make sure that if it is needed that you refer to the sources / maps given to you in the exam 
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This is great... but your grammar is a bit nifty! But thankyou, it really helped.

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