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health issues

Diseases of affluece.....

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • cornorary heart disease

categorised as non-communicable diseases (non infectious)

  • possible causes......
  • more processed, cooked and commercially provided food
  • greater use of tobacco alcahol
  • longer life spans
  • easy access to low cost food
  • increased leisure time
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health issues

TYPE 2 diabetes......

body doesnt produce enough insulin.... most commpn form.... can increase risk of developing other things such as heart disease..... causes, over weight, high blood pressure..... impacts, cases rose 70% between 1997 & 2003, indreasing as a faster rate than N.America who have highest rates in the world, increase in prevalence, costly for government, accounts for 5% of all NHS expenditure.... Management, people need to watch their weight, diet & lifestyle, raise awareness in UK. India.

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health issues

Diseases of poverty;

  • diseases that are more prevalent among the poor than wealthier people. contrast to disease of affluence. E.G malaria, AIDs TB

Food and health.....

  • famine
  • obesity
  • malnutrition

causes..... malnutrition, starvation, population explosions, natural disasters, poor quality health care, AID from other countries v.low, government's poor management of resources.

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health issues

Famine.... Souther Sudan.... affecting 50,00 ppl, cause menengitis, people who were straving unable to get foos & nutrients, bodies more prone to catching disease such as malaria, cholera, and menegitis, strikes sub suharan countries hardest, continues to be a global issue.

Demographic impacts are sharp, mortality concentrated amongst children and elderly.

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health issues

Health matters in globalising economy;

TNC- control and coordinate economic activities in different countries and develop trade within and between units of same corporation in different countries.

BAT.... (british american tobacoo.) brands embassy and pall mall cigarettes. advertise to poorer countries, Nigeria, children unaware of dangers of smoking, malawi tobacco is biggest commercial crop accounts for 60% of exports.

Pfizer..... about 50 countries linked by pfizer,.. research facilties in france, japan, more locally sandwhich in kent.... 4 billion on rearchin & developing new medicines in 2004 worldwide..... production sweden, japan, france usa...... distribution LEDC's HIV drugs, antiretroviral drugs.

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Rivers landforms 1

  • Erosional landforms;
  • potholes
  • waterfalls
  • rapids
  • meanders
  • pool & riffle

depositional landforms;

  • braiding
  • levees
  • flood plains
  • deltas

channel characteristics on a cross profile;

hydraulic radius..... cross sec squared/wetted perimeter

the bigger the number more efficient the river

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Rivers landforms 2

manning's n.... resistance of the bed of a channel to the flow of water in it... higher the value the rougher the bed.

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Long profiles....

section of longitudinal course of a riverfrom head too mouth, showing only vertical changes.

Bradshaw model..... upstream more turbulance, roughness, bedload in comparison to discharge.

Downstream... greatest discharge, velocity, highest hr, greatest cross.sec area.

Storm hydrograph......

lagtime= time delay between max. rainfall amount and peak discharge.

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storm hydrograph..... depends on no. factors;

  • intensity & duration of storm
  • antecedent rainfall
  • snow
  • porpus soil types/permeable rock types
  • impermeable rock types
  • size drainage basin
  • shape drainage basin
  • slope angle
  • temperature
  • vegetation
  • land use
  • urbanisation

soil budget; the water balance is the amount of water entering and leaving a system, balance between inputs and outputs, within drainage basin.

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