Goffman (1922-1982)

  • presentation of self in every day life
  • impression management 
  • examines everyday ritual of good manners - interaction rituals
  • see it as modern world we have started realy worshipping the self and the interaction rituals are all about this worship.
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Natur of Deference and Demeanour:

  • Says he calls the everday exercise of politness ritual because he is borrowing from Durkheim on primitive religion
  • need others to help you if there is to be any evidence outside your own head that you have a unique self. 
  • have to behave towars them in a way which suggest you have a unique self (your demeanour)
  • also they have to behave towards you as if you had a unique self (show deference) 
  • your opinion of self depends on others being civil to you, treating you properly.
  • our society has a moral order and this order has rules and its important, rules are observed.
  • that is what the ceremony does - gives opportunity to observe rule that keep society going 'constantly reminding the individual that he must keep himself together as a well demeaned person and affirm the sacred quality of other' 
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  • "something unusual or bad about the moral status of the signifier" 
  • 'disqualified from social acceptance' 
  • dont fit categories or attributes that go with normal expectations of person we encounter. 
  • Hegenomy 
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