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Looks at teh use of ICT in the design process

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Broadband connections: ADSL

Asymmetric Digital subscriber line (ADSL):
works via sending data long a telephone line using technology that packs more information into teh signal

  • Pros:
    Easy to install  
  • Cons:
    Downloading information is much faster than sending
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Broadband connections: Cable

Is a cable made of bundles of optical fibers that can carry far more information faster and over a longer distance without diminising than a telephone line.

  • Pros:
    Easy to install
    Potentially the fastest connection
  • Cons:
    Only available in large cites or towns
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Broadband connections: Wireless

Trasmitts the internet via radio signals.Wireless local area networks (LANs) can be built by putting up aerials outside a number of houses to allow anyone within that area to access the broadband internet access.

  • Pro:
    Not restricted by the local telehone exchange
    Fast connection for downloading and sending information
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