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Step into sport

Sport relies on volunteers in roles such as officiating, coaching, administration and managers

Government identified a gap in the expansion of sport for the need of more instructors, coaches and leaders in sport

AIM: Increase the quality, quantity and diversity of young people engaged in volunteering and leadership

Sportleaders UK was set up to provide oppurtunities for young people in leadership

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Active sports

Initiative run by Sport England

AIM: To increase participation through liasion between local providers (schools, clubs, local authorities and community groups)

The 3 strands of Active sports are: 

Active schools- Oppurtunities for children at foundation level

Active communities- Reduce the post student gap

World class programme- Link talented performers from talent ID to governing bodies for development into National Teams 

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TOP (Talent, Opportunity, Potential) programme

Initiative run by Youth Sports Trust

AIM: To allow children to experience sporting activities that they would not normally encounter 

This includes the equipment, training and provision of coaches to deliver the activities

The different programmes are:

  • TOP tots (1.5-3)- Children learn and understand about simple games
  • TOP start (3-5)- Offer a broad range of activities to try 
  • TOP play (4-9)
  • TOP sport (7-11)
  • TOP skill (11-14)
  • TOP link (14-19)- Encourages schools to get students to become active volunteers where they are awarded the national governing body Introductory Leadership Award
  • TOP sportability disabled 
  • TOP activity- Focuses on how to plan and deliver sport and dance festivals 
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Young Ambassador's programme

Developed in the run up to the 2012 Olympic games by the school sport partnership across England

The School Sport Partnership recruited two young people to take on the role of young ambassador for two years

AIM: Develop people into the foundation and then participation levels of the sports development pyramid

In their first year they would work in their local communities developing the sport and ethos for the olympic and paraolympic movement

In their second year they would take on a mentoring role for the new young ambassadors

By 2012 there were 5000 young people who had been trained through this programme

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Sportleaders UK

Used to be the British Sports Trust which provided young people the oppurtunity to obtain a qualification that is recognised by sports organisers 

Gives young people the experience to organise activites and to motivate and communicate with people 

The Sportleader courses encourage volunteering in community activites to reduce youth crime rates by including vaulnerable young people in positive activites 

There are 4 awards that are offered by Sportsleaders:

  • Junior Sports Leader Award (JSLA) for 14-16 year olds
    • Step On- learn to plan, manage and run their own sports sessions 
    • Step In- Use TOP Link and TOP Activity as part of the TOP programme 
    • Step Out- Movement of young people from school based volunteering to community based volunteering 
  • Community Sports Leader Awards (CSLA) for 16+ 
  • High Sports Leader Award (HSLA) develops CSLA holders to be able to coach specific groups and involves first aid and event management 
  • Basic Expedition Leader Award (BELA) is for people to safely lead outdoor activites and overnight camps
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UK Sport

Responsible for managing and distributing public investment and the distribution of funds raised by the National Lottery

AIM: Lead Sport in the UK to world class success

Split into the countries of the UK as subdivisions known as home country sports councils:

  • Sport England
  • Cyngor Chwaraeon Cymru
  • Sport Northern Ireland
  • Sport Scotland
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The UK Sports Institute (UKSI)

Funded by UK sport and the National Lottery

Coordinates elite sport development in the UK

AIM: Improve the provision available to the performance and elite levels of the sports development pyramid  

Provides free injury treatment to athletes (Athletes medical scheme)

Organise and sponsor world class coaching conferences for the UKs top coaches

Dissolves into Home Country institutes- EIS (English Institute of Sport)

  • 9 regional multi sport hub sites
  • Have an eveloving network of satelite sites
  • Offer the Performance Lifestyle Programme which provides career and education advice
  • Sports science and sports medicine provision
    • Physiology, biomechanics, psychology, medical screening, nutritional advice, sports vision and conditioning and performance analysis
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Sports Search

Unique online system that helps 11-17 year olds explore their preferences and physical aptitudes for over 130 sports and physical activities

AIM: To provide clear information on sports physically suited to a persons build and intrests and where they can locally take part in them

Provides clear information on local clubs where they can persue the intrest

The system has two main strands:

  • Physical assessment section based on sport science
  • Attitudinal questionaire
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