Health and social care

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What is line management?

A line manager is an employee who directly manages other employees and events while reporting to a higher-ranking manager.  

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What is inspection by external agencies?

When organisation are inspected, visited and accredited by external agencies so that the organisation can improve their standards and safety to the highest they can possibly be.

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What is the whistleblowing helpline?

When an employee reports poor or dangerous practice at their workplace to the press or to another organisation outside of their work setting, for example, the GMC, NMC or the HCPC in order improve the quality of their workplace. It allows employees to be able to voice their opinions and concerns to other members of staff/organisations without feeling worried or having regrets.

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What is service user feedback?

Systems that ensure feedback from everyone is given about the strengths and weaknesses of services, whether they are a foster carer, a young person coming into 'the system' for the first time, an adult service user or a carer who cares for a family member.    

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Examples of external agencies.

> Ofsted

> Care Quality Commision

> Criminal Investigations

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Examples of service user feedback.

> Star ratings
> Comments on websites
> Complaints / compliments

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What is a criminal investigation?

Criminal investigation involves the study of facts, used to identify, locate and prove the guilt of an accused criminal.

A complete criminal investigation can include searching, interviews, interrogations, evidence collection and preservation and various methods of investigation.

This is used in extreme circumstances in cases such as sexual, emotional, financial or physical abuse or in another case where a law has been broken and has caused the safety and health of a person to be put at risk.      

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