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Roles & Responsibilties of Doctors

- Caring for unwell people
- Carry out simple surgical procedures
- Provide preventative care and health education
- Based at local health centres, work with other doctors and health care professionals
- May refer people to hospital specialists for further assessment and treatment like x-rays, blood tests
- Diagnose an individuals illness
- Discuss and agree a treatment plan
- Prescribe appropriate medication
- Vaccination programmes for people of all ages
- Health education and advice on issues (smoking, alcohol, healthy eating) 

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Hospital Doctors

- Provide specialist medical care. UK and RoI consultant is the title of a senior, hospital-based doctor who specialises in a particular field of medicine and manages complex cases. They lead a team of junior doctors (NQ Doctors and registrars)

-Cardiologists = heart disease

-Psychiatrists = mental health

-Oncologists = cancer

-Paediatricians = children

-Geriatricians = older people

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Adult Nurses

- Work with adults all ages with a wide range of physical health conditions 

- Based in hospitals, clinics, GP practises, specialist organisations

- Work with people in their homes 

- Plan individuals care, carry out procedures, treatments and evaluate effectiveness 

- Promote health by running clinics and health education programmes

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Mental Health Nurses

- Work in a range of settings 

- Psychiatric units in hospitals, community healthcare centres, day care settings, residential homes and prisons

- Mind (charity) supports people with mental health problems - 1 in 4 people experience mental health problems 

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Childrens Nurse

- Work with children with a wide range of health conditions 

- Work closely with children and parents 

- Care provided meers their social, cultural and family needs whilst addressing health issues

- Work in hospitals and support children at home 

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Learning Disability Nurse

- Work mainly with individuals with learning disabilites living in the community rather than hospitals

- Support people in school, workplaces, living at home with families and residential settings

- Aim to maintain persons physical and mental health 

- Provide specialist healthcare and support them to live fulfilling and independant lives

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Health Visitors

- Provide support for families in early years of their childrens life (birth to 5)

- Support health issues and minor illness 

- Advice on feeding and weaning 

- Routine checks on child development 

- Support parents meeting the developmental needs of their children 

- Homes, clinics,GP practises, nurseries and community settings 

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Practise Nurses

- Small practises (1-2 nurses)

- Responsibilites vary according to the GP practise 

- Blood samples, immunisation programmes and vaccines for people travelling abroad 

- Health screenign for men and women

- Family planning advice 

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School Nurses

- Employed by the NHS but might be employed by school 

- Provide variety of services- developmental checks, immunisation programmes and health education programmes

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Midwives & Healthcare Assistants

- Support women through all stages of preganacy 

- Antenatal and postnatal care

- Help families prepare for parenthood 

- Deliver babies in maternity department or patients home 

- Based in hospital maternity units for an increasing number of midwives work in the community 

- Provide support at local clinics and GP practises, homes and childrens centres 

- Nursing assistants or auxiliary nurses 

- Work under guidance from health care professionals

- Work in GP practises, hospitals 

- Making beds, washing and dressing, serving meals 

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Social Workers

- Provide help and support for people all ages through difficult time in their lives

- Ensure vulnerable people are safeguarded from harm and help people live independantly

- Support children, people with disabilties, people with mental health and the frail elderly

- Social workers specialise either in providing service for adults, children and young people

- Older people, adults with disabilites, people with mental health problems and learning difficulties

- Children and young peoples service provide support for children and their families

- Play a key role in ensuring that children are safe and protected from abuse

- Work in residential childrens settings and manage fostering and adoption procedures

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Occupational Therapist & Youth Worker

- Work with people all ages who are having difficulty in carrying out the practical routines of daily life 

- Washing, bathing, cooking, housework

- May be the result of a disability, physical or psychological illness, accident or frail age 

- Occ therapist will agree specific activites with an individual that will help them overcome their barriers and live independantly

- Work in peoples homes, GP practices, nursing homes, prisons, social services 

- Young people aged 11-25. Support young people to reach full potential and become responsible members of society.

- Young centres, schools and colleges

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Youth Workers

- Delivering programmes relating to young people concerns like smoking, binge drinking, relationships and dealing with violence

- Organising residential activities and projects 

- Running sports teams 

- Initiating and managing community projects with young people 

- Working with parents to support the healthy development of children 

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Care Assistant & Managers

- Provide practical help and support for people who have difficulties with daily activities

- Support older people and their families, children and young people, physical or learning difficulties and mental health problems

- Clients homes, day care settings, residential and nursing homes

-  Help with personla daily care 

- General household tasks; paying bills and writing letters

- Care managers have key leadership roles within residential care settings

- Manage the provision of residential care for;

older people in nursing homes, residential homes, people recieving hospice care 

- Manage staff, budgets, ensuring quality of care meets the standards 

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Support Workers

- Closely linked to the healthcare and nursing assistant role 

- Might work under the supervision of a range of health and care professionals such as;

- physiotherapists

- occupational therapists 

- social workers 

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