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Question 1

Describe three features of effective communication skills (3marks)

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answer 1

To have effective communication you need to have skills to keep a conversation going, need good listening skills to check understanding, also understand cultural  differences.

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Question 2

Explain the term anti-discriminatory pracice and give two reasons why it is an important care value (6marks)

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Answer 2

Anti-discriminatory practice means not showing prejudice,sterotyping and labelling when working in the health and social sector. This includes treating everyone as a individuals and with respect never mind there culture etc. This is an important care value because, it reduces racism and preduces which is big problem in our society this. This can set an example to other people to not judge people before you know them. This increase people self-concept and self worth so they are more liking

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Question 3

Explain why it is important that care practioners promote and enable effective communication with people who use care services?

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answer 3

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Question 4

what is meant by the term self concept? (4marks)

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Answer 4

Self concept is a combination of self image and self-esteem. Self image is how you see yourself,and self esteem is how you value yourself. Your self concept can be either positive or negative. There are many factors that effect self-concept; Age,apperance, gender, social class, ethnicity/culture etc.

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Question 5

identify three different forms of sexual orientation (3marks)

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answer 5

The three different types of sexuality are heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual. Heterosexual is were they have relationships with people of the opposite sex. Homosexuals or also called lesbians, this is where people are attracted to their own sex. And bisexual is where you are attracted to both sexes.

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Great revision cards but no answer for question 3! :)

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