Henry VII - Consolidation of power

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Henry VII - Consolidation of power

  • Defeated Richard III @ Battle of Bosworth BUT claim = weak


  • Dated reign day before BoB so Yorkists = traitors
  • Detained Elizabeth of York and Earl of Warwick (claimants)
  • Act of Attainder against Yorkist property
  • 1486 married Elizabeth of York (combined roses)
  • 1489 Prince Arthur born = heir

Yorkist opposition

  • Lovell and Stafford fail to gain support
  • Lambert Simnel passed as Earl of Warwick, conspiracy created by John de la Pole -> Henry exhibited real Earl of Warwick -> fled to Margaret of Burgundy
  • Henry appointed Earl of Northumberland = gamble
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Henry VII - Consolidation of power #2

Battle of Stoke Field

  • 1489, Henry victorious, army led effectively by Earl of Oxford -> killed John de la Pole
  • Ended war of roses
  • Mild treatment of Yorkist rebels
  • Set up bonds of god behaviour

Perkin Warbeck imposture

  • 1491 Warbeck impersonated Duke of York (in Ireland)
  • 1495 landed in England but Henry was informed = easily defeated + fled to James IV (Scotland)
  • William Stanley betrayal
  • 1496 Scottish army retreated after crossing border -> James married Henry's daughter Margaret = Warbeck lost Scottish support
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