Henry the 7th and Catherine of Aragon


Battle of Bosworth

Henry had to defeat Richard the 3rd if he wanted to be king.

He must have felt Frustated,Petrified,Scared,Worried,Hopeless,Depressed

He had a army of 5,000 againist 18,000.                                                                    He and his bodyguards were soon cut off.                                                                Richard saw him and his men and him charged towards him on horseback.              He froze becuase he was petrified.                                                                            Richard and his men cut down his standard bearer and was ready to strike him but got swept away in the massive crowd.                                             

Lord Stanely who was married to Henry the 7th's mother but was on Richard's side suddenly swapped sides went and attacked Richard and killed him.

He was then crowned on the battlefield.

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Problems and Soultions


The family of Richard the 3rd would seek revenge for Richard's death.                    The barons kept their own private armies and were powerful and wealthy.This meant they could kick Henry out.                                                                               He didn't have much money for weapons,armies etc.


He married Elizabeth of York uniting Richard's family and his thus making the Tudor rose.                                                                                                            He banned barons from having private armies and made his castle safe while the barons were unproteced.He also heavily taxed barons sho they would lose wealth. To show he was powerful he also made lots symbols and they appeared all over England.                                                                                                                 He made deals with countries to stop wars and married off his eldest son Arthur to Catherine of Aragon who was a spanish princess to stop costly foreign wars.When Arthur died to keep friends with Spain and the keep the dowry, Henry arranged Henry(his second son) but then changed his mind the bethrohal was repuitated.

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Catherine of Aragon

Born:16th december 1485                                                                                          Died:7th January 1536

She was betrohed to Arthur when she was 3 and when she 16 in 1501 she came to England and married Arthur on the 14th November. Arthur died 6 months later and then Catherine was betrohed to Henry who was too young to marry. When he was old enough Henry VII wasn't soo keen and the betrothal was cancelled. Her future was unceratin for a while but when Henry VII,Henry VIII married catherine and they had a joint coronation in 1509.She soon got preganant but it was a stillborn baby.However she got pregnant again and her son Henry was born and christned but died after. She then had a misscarriage and another short-lived son.She gave birth to a girl in1516 who was called Mary.In 1513 Catherine ran the country when Henry was away and beat the scottish army and killed the king.                                 In 1527 Henry wanted a divorce to marry Anne Boleyn and get a male heir but Catherine didn't know about Henry's plans at first. Catherine appealed to the pope and there was a legal debate for 6 years. Catherine was reounced to the Princess Dowager of Wales which was something she refused to accept.

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