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Mary Tudor Difficulties with conversion to catholo

  • Mary had no heir so Elizabeth would become Queen destroying chances of conversion catholicism.
  • Religious policy seemed doomed
  • In 1553 England was strongly protestant so little chance of conversion to Catholicism
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Mary's aid Pole

  • She used the help of pole
  • He did not arrive for 18 months
  • He had formidable organisational skills
  • Lived in exile since 1532
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For Mid Tudor Crisis- Social

  • Intense religious upheaval contributed to rebellions.
  • Ketts rebellion wanted return to Catholicism (religion during Henry VIII) want holy bread,water,palms and statues.
  • Wyatt's rebellion caused by Mary Tudor wanting to Mary Phillip of Spain (xenophobia)
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For Mid Tudor Crisis-Economic

  • Real wages fell to as much as 60% mid 16th century was bad as 80% of average workers wages was spent on food.
  • High taxes (sheep tax) caused rebellions
  • 1547-Somerset invaded Scotland defeated Scots at battle of Pinkie near Edinburgh, however didn't have funds to stay there so set up Garrisons.
  • High inflation-400%
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For Mid Tudor Crisis-Political

  • Lady Jane Grey declares herself Queen
  • Mary Tudor declares herself Queen and is rejected (1547)
  • 14th July Netherlands builds an 2000 Army against Mary
  • Calais lost in war with France
  • 1553 parliament passes act which declares mary illegitimate
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For Mid Tudor Crisis-Political

  • Succession crisis-Mary had no child so she needed one to keep Elizabeth on the throne.
  • Foreign policy failure in court-war with France and Scotland-Northumberland loss of Boulogne.
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Against MId Tudor Crisis Political

  • Peaceful handover to Elizabeth when Mary died in 1558-only took 6 hours
  • Northumberland executed for treason
  • 1547-Easily sorted out as Mary put on throne after Lady Jane Grey's 9 day reign.
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Mary Foreign Policcy

  • Marriage treaty with Phillip of Spain did not involve foreign policy. If Spain went to war England didn't have too.
  • 1553-1554 Mary acts as an honest broker between France and Spain made her own peace of Treaty.
  • 1556-Dudley conspiracy small plan to remove Mary from the throne-has backing from France.
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Elizabeth I clamis throne

  • Smoothest recession from 1422
  • Shows a possible end to mid Tudor crisis
  • Mary died November 1558
  • When Mary died it was arranged for Nicholas Throckmorton to come tell her from London to prevent her being accused of treason and executed.
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Elizabeth and France

  • 1570-Negotiations take place way of Imparing relations.
  • 1572-The French give up claims to English throne Treaty of Blois
  • 1574-Henry (Anjou) becomes King (Henry III) as Charles dies
  • 1578-Dutch seem more under threat
  • 1581-Elizabeth supplies Anjou with money to have influence on what he did in the Netherlands.
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Elizabeth and France

  • 1560-Dec Francis II of France Died
  • 1562-September Treaty of Hampton court agreement between England and Huguenots England keep le havre and Dieppe for Calais
  • !564-Agreement between Catholics and Huguenots to remove England from France
  • 1569- Deteriation of England's connection with Spain looked for France for an alliance
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Elizabeth and France

  • 1583-Anjou leads French into Netherlands
  • 1584-Anjou dies Brother takes his place and becomes Henry II
  • 1590-Spanish troops in Brittany
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Elizabeth I and Spain

  • 1558-Elizabeth proposed by Phillip she says no
  • 1566-revolt breaks out
  • 1567-Duke of Alva sent to crush rebels and supress herocy Elizabeth afraid same army would invade England
  • 1568-Spanish fleet carrying 500,000 flare is caught in storm and washed to England
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Elizabeth and Spain

  • 1571-Redulsy plot to kill Elizabeth
  • 1573-Convection of Nymegan designed to restore trading links between England and Netherlands.

  • Spanish couldnt pay for their soldiers
  • 1577-Tries to act as negotiator for Spaina and Dutch
  • 1579-Duke of Parma bit more sucessful
  • 1585-Treaty of Nonsuch
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