History - Why did they enter the war?


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Traditonally USA staed out of affairs in the world (ISOLATIONISM)

Why? America was a strong and well resourced country and did not need to get involved.

After WW1 they wanted to get out of the problems

USA had been helping the allies before 1917. An US boat carrying good for other countries were sunk (U-Boats)

Such as the Lusitania

The Zinnerman Telegram - intecepted that Germany was backing Mexico to invade USA

America did not like Germany for this so joined the war

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Paris Peace Conference

  • Wilson (USA) - Not too extreme
  • Clemenceau (France) - Extreme
  • Lloyd George - (Britian) - Midway

Drew up the Treaty of Varsailles

1) War Guilt 2) Reduced army - 100,000 3) Reparations 4) Overseas colonies taken away

USA did not join as they wanted to be isolated and many people in USA were from Germany. It was too harsh

USA did not join the LON as it was linked to the TOV, wanted to isolate, too expensive and anti-britian and france

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Not completely isolated

Britian and France borrowed from America through WW1

America lent money to Germany

  • Dawes Plan - Lend Money
  • Young Plan - Less to pay and more time

The Washington Naval Treaty 1922

Japan becoming too big

Agreed to the Treaty to make its navy 3/5 of the British and Americans

Immigration Act of 1929 damaged relations

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Isolated or not?


  • Did not sign TOV
  • Did not join LON
  • Immigration Acts - Stopping people in
  • High Tariffs (Fordney-McCumber Act)
  • Refised to sign the Locarno Treaty of 1925)


  • Too strong - Caught up in loans
  • Dawes and Youngh Plans
  • Naval Treaty
  • Kellog Briand Pact - Signed
  • Supported the ideas of LON
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