Human Resources

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Human Resources 1

1. Write down three ways that companies can use to attract external recruits

   job centers



2. what department in a big company is responsible for hiring new staff

  Human resources department

3. Give two reasons why some companies prefer to recruit internally

    It's cheaper

    They are familiar with the applicants

4. Give two disadvantages of internal recruitment

spaces will be needed to be filled and people outside may have better qualifications for the job

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Human Resources 2

5. Give three hints for filling in an application form successfully

Draft out longer answers first

Use a pen that won't smudge

Photocopy the form so you can prcatice filling it out

6. List three other categories on application forms apart from personal details

References, previous work experience, Criminal records

7. what does CV stand for?

Curriculum Vitae

8. Give two advantages for the candidate if using a letter and CV instead of a form

Able to sell him/ herself to the employer with more space

It's more personal

9. What is a 'short list'?

An employer looks at all the applications and cuts down to 6 applicants

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Human Resources 3

10. Two things to expect or prepare for if you were going for an important job interview

Look professional and be enthusiastic

11. Most interviewers divide the interview into three sections. what are they?

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