Humans Media Language Points (15 Marker)



  • technical malfunctions (synth robot)
  • Odi (Dr.Millican's synth) malfunctions in supermarket, assaulting member of staff
  • something he shouldn't be capable of
  • causes him to be powered down
  • relates to Steve Neale's genre theory as repetition occurs in likewise Tv shows of the sci-fi genre e.g. Dr Who
  • audience able to identify genre due to social and historical knowledge
  • audience expected to continue watching due to enigma created by Odi not being recycled (he is too old)
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  • technological change
  • evident in title sequence
  • shown history of development of robotics, those developed in our lifetime up to future development of synths (series based on)
  • relates to Baudrillard's theory of post-modernism
  • elements of bricolage used to construct montage of diverse range of available products + futuristic synths
  • creates different view for audience by showing them what the past can build up to and question future possibilities 
  • creates enigma to find out if future could be affected by vision of fictional perspective 
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  • modern-day London
  • establishing shot of city and Hawkin's family home
  • use of channel 4 news yet talking about development of synths 
  • Bulmer and Katz uses and gratifications theory of personal identity 
  • audience can make sense of what is going on due to familiarity of setting and their social and historical knowledge of England/London 
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