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This set text is an independent social realist film about a man living in the UK who is on benefits.

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Notes 1

The film was directed by Ken Loach and is a co-production between Sixteen Productions (which is the director’s own company) and Why Not Productions.

The film’s budget was £3.5 million.

It was made with the support of the British Film Institute.

It was distributed by eOne films in the UK and Le Pacte in France.

The film was released in 2016- it was released in France on 13th May and England on 21st October.

A platform release pattern was used- on its opening weekend; it was screened in 94 cinemas before growing to 273 cinemas.

The film premiere was in Newcastle (where the film is set) instead of the usual premiere locations such as London.

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Notes 2

Marketing techniques included community screenings, trailers, press kit and posters.

The company employed five regional marketing officers to work with local communities on a grassroots level to get conversation going before the film was released.

The company worked with the Trinity Mirror and offered free tickets to its readers.

Screenings of the film were held coinciding with political party conferences.

There was a 'guerrilla’ projection campaign- quotes from the film were projected onto city buildings, including the Houses of Parliament.

Jeremy Corbyn watched and talked about the film (he also suggested to Theresa May that she should watch it).

After a film is premiered, the actors and actresses are usually paid by the film company to do interviews (during which they will talk about and advertise the film) on TV or for magazines. As the cast are not very well-known, they wouldn’t be doing interviews and so the film company do not have to pay them for that.

Production companies are independent and therefore not well-known. They had to give away free tickets to get people to watch the film- also, some people can’t afford to pay to go to the cinema, this fits in with what the film is about.

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