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A database is an organised collection of information. The information is stored using fields and records.

In this database there are:

  • 3 fields (first name, last name & phone number)
  • 2 records (1 for John Smith & 1 for Mohammed Khan)

Databases can be interrogated to find information by:

  • Sorting the data into a new order
  • Running a query searh for specific information
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  • Creating a chart or graph

When you run a query you must choose:

  • which field(s) to base the search on (e.g. Last Name)
  • what search criteria to use (e.g. is equal to Smith)

If a query is an "and" search, it will narrow down what the search finds.

If a query is an "or" search, it will expand what the search finds.

It is important for a data to be entered correctly in a database as if it is not there can be many pottential things that can go wrong. For example, if a teacher were to take pupils out on a field trip and some of the emergency contact numbers were incorrect and an emergency did take place, the child's parents would not be informed. A error like this could be pottentially fatal.

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