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Revising I.C.T.

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What is a label on a spreadsheet?

The words you enter to explain what the numbers mean.

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What is a value?

The numbers you already know before you start the calculations.                                    

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What does e-mail stand for?

Electronic Mail

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What are some advantages of e-mail?

  • you get instant feedback for what you send.
  • conversations are private
  • you can call people from anywhere on the planet.
  • calls can be made at anytime.
  • internet calls can be free.
  • most people have a phone so no special equipment is needed.
  • you can leave messages on answer phones.
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What are some disadvantages of e-mail?

  • the line might be engaged so you cant speak to people sometimes.
  • you have to pay for your calls sometimes.
  • there might be noise or interfernce so your call may be interupted.
  • mobiles might move out of the available range so your call might get cut off.
  • you can't send files on telelphone calls.
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