Industry and the workplace- All My Sons and A Doll's House

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Industry and the workplace- All My Sons

  • Joe makes Steve look guilty just so he can continue to profit from the war
  • Joe almost dehumanises himself when he is in the work shop, which helps him avoid his moral responsibility
  • Chris appears to be avoiding his fathers business because he knows that Joe isn't as innocent as he would like to believe
  • Dr Baylis seems to be doing a job to satisfy his wife
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Industry and the workplace- A Doll's House

  • Krogstad appears obsessed with reaching the top and doesn't care about hurting people, until him and Mrs Linde restart their relationship
  • Dr Rank has worked his way up, but is unable to share his success because he cannot hold down a relationship due to his syphillis
  • Mrs Linde, as a working woman, doesn't have time to support herself and hold down a relationship
  • Torvald's ideas on the importance of work affects his relationship with Nora, holding work above her
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