Info 3- Developing ICT solutions

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Developing ICT solutions

System development life cycle

2 methods

1- Traditional

once started no end and feedback is at the end

2- waterfall

continuous with feedback after each stage

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Developing ICT solutions

Stages of development

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • contructing the solution
  • testing
  • installation and conversion
  • review and maintenance
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Developing ICT solutions

Successful ICT development

factors that may aid a development's success

  • management and end user involvement
  • realistic expectations
  • professional standards
  • good teamwork

factors that may cause a development to fail

  • inadequate analysis
  • poor design
  • inappropriate testing
  • poorly organised installation and changeover
  • poor use support and maintenance
  • poor project management
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Developing ICT solutions

Formal project management

Projects need to have:

A defined timescale

An approved budget

Limited resources

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Developing ICT solutions

Development methodologies
Main two categories:
1- linear (waterfall)
2- interactive (Rapid Application development-computerised development tools with prototyping, Hesse improve development time sand quality )

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