Introduction To Crime And Deviance ^_^

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  • Definitions of crime and deviance
  • The contexts of deviance (public and private deviance)
  • Types of deviance (situational, historical, cultural, positional)

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What Is Crime And Deviance?

  • Crime:
    • Crime is defined as the infraction of the criminal law.
    • However, Heidenson suggests that the tern 'crime' covers a vast array of behaviour from the petty to the serious, it is important to make distinctions.
    • Marxists argue that the term 'crime' is ideological in that it is used to describe the illegal activities of the working-class, e.g street crime, but rarely the illegal activities of the ruling-class, e.g. white collar crime and corporate crime.
  • Deviance:
    • Deviance is refers to behaviour which breaks the norms and values of a society; e.g. swearing or wearing a wedding dress in town ((LOL XD))
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The Contexts Of Deviance

Deviance can take place in a number of different ways in society; secret/private deviance and open/public deviance.

  • Secret/private deviance:
    • This form of deviance is often concealed; it may be hidden in small places such as the workplace or at home.
  • Open/public deviance:
    • This type of deviance will often involve the following of the norms and values of an 'outsider' or deviant group.
    • For example, new age travellers; they have a different lifestyle to the minority of the population.
  • Downes and Rock:
    • "Deviance may be considered as banned or controlled behaviour which is likely to attract punishment or disapproval"
    • However, what constitutes banned or controlled behaviour varies according to history, culture, subculture, the social characteristics of the deviant, prevailing norms, values and laws.
    • Deviance is socially constructed.
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Types Of Deviance

There are four types of deviance:

  • Historical Deviance:
    • Something which is deviant only at a certain time; i.e. gay marriage.
  • Cross-Cultural Deviance:
    • Something which is deviant in some cultures; i.e. American police have guns.
  • Situational Deviance:
    • Something that is only deviant in certain situations; i.e eating with your hands in a resturant is okay when eating chips.
  • Deviance based on position/role:
    • Something that is deviant for many but an occupation/ role may make it non-deviant; i.e. The police and Army can use violence.
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