Issues with Rapid Development in ICT

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Social Issues

  • changes ways ppl spend lessiure time
  • rise in obeisty 
  • employemnt patterns change 
  • unemployment 
  • strss caused by constant change new skills need to be learnt 
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Cultural Issues

  • music is streamed online and CDs are not bought 
  • TV programmes are watched online 
  • ICT encourages globalisation resulting in countries loosing identity and culture 
  • ICT used for gaming and entertainment
  • socail networking helps ppl keep in touch in long distant relationshipds
  • digital photography has changed developement of film is not needed
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Environmental Issues

  • production of ICT equipment creates larger carbon foot print 
  • recycle old ICT equipment 
  • less paper is used e-mails are sent and info is onscreen and saved not needed to be printed 
  • ink cartridges refilled insteda of wasted 
  • computer controlled heating enbles fuel to be used effiecntly 
  • telecomuncation more ppl work from home CO2 emmisons decreased 
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Ethical Issues

  • increased monitoring of authorities, many ppl feel watched concerned about cameras
  • monitoring of employees breach of privacy, using internet in work times 
  • link of goverment databases to check claims of benefits 
  • control of the internet, countries sensor what can be found 
  • online essay banks sudents can buy essyas online for each subject 
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Technical Issues

  • speed of transfere of data limits ICT 
  • size of comutures and microprocessors are decreasing
  • more portable devices
  • more user friendly interfaces 
  • battery life needs to be improved on portable devices
  • more storgae needed new methods need to be investagted other than magnetic storage 
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Legal Issues

  • problems with ppl being under constant suvaillence 
  • biometrics can be seen as illegal breach data protection act 1998
  • changes in law and regulations need to be made to help develope ICT 
  • ppl can use unsecure wifi networks slowing internet doen as bandwidth is divided 
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Economic Issues

  • goverments try to surpres their ppls use of ICT 
  • highly skilled ppl neeed to use new ICT systems 
  • investment in research and development requires companies to take riskd 
  • goverment which supports research will allow grants to new developments
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