James I and Parliament

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First Parliament (1604-10)

  • JI explored the possibility of a closer legal union between England and Scot. Proposals for the union drafted by Cecil faced oppositon by P. 
  • In the wake of the Gunpowder Plot, MPs showed significantly more unity and legislation was passed targeting Catholics, although a financial settlement was harder to come by. Eventually, he was granted subsidies worth almost £400,000. 
  • P did not meet beween 07-10, Cecil's introduction of the Great Contract (1610) became the main focus but was declined by both JI and the HoC. 
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'Addled' Parliament (1614)

  • Issue of impositions raised as soon as the P met and the HoC sent a message to the Lords asking for a conference. Lords refused to debate the issue and the Bishop of Lincoln (Neile) made a speech anouncing impositions were a matter of royal prerogative. JI realised that P would not grant him the subisdies he needed and it was dissolved after 2 months. 
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Parliament (1621) and (1624)

  • 30 YW begun in 1618 so FP became the key issue. JI had ruled alone for 7 years and his lack of P consultation caused resentment from MPs. In need of money to assist his son-in-law Frederick of Bohemia in the war, JI agreed to impeach his Lord Chancellor (Bacon) for corruption. JI announced his intention to marry his son to a Spanish princess and dissolved the P when this met with oppositon in 1622. 
  • JI broke off the marriage when Spain demanded the eldest son of Frederick and Elizabeth marry a daughter of the Catholic Holy Roman Emperor. JI resolved on war with Spain and called P for the last time to fund this. Commons focues on attacking Cranfield. Relations between King and P were relatively positive with JI being granted a number of subsidies to fund a war, session ended with his death. 
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Charles' Inheritance of Parliament

Number of problems not settled: 

  • Issue of royal finances (Great Contract was abadoned) 
  • James' choice of advisers resulted ina number of impeachments and resistance from P, Buck remained as favourite. 
  • Religious divisions. 
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