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Historical Studies

pedestrianism was a popular pre-industrial activity. this was followed by the emergence of different forms of athletics in 19th century public schools.

outline the nature and development of pedestrianism.

identify one form of athletics that then emerged in public schools. (5)

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Historical Studies

compare the characteristics of popular recreation with the characteristics of rational recreation.

explain how two late 19th century socio-cultural factors continue to influence sport and recreation today. (5)

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Historical Studies

explain th developmet and imoact of public baths in urban inndustrial communities in the 19th century.

state one fator that is helping to increase participation in swimming in the UK today. (5)

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Sports Psychology

aggression often impacts upon performance and bahaviour in sport.

using practical example describe four methods that might be used to eliminate aggressive tendencies in sport performers. (4)

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Sports Psychology

explain what is meant by state anxiety and trait anxiety.

give a practical example of how anxiety might influence performance in sport. (5)

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Sports Psychology

Bandura proposes that self-efficay can arise from four sources as shown Fig.1 below.

using examples from sport, explain how each source cn infuence performance. (6)

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Exercise and sport Physiology

there are several methods of evauating aerobic capacity such as the multi-stage fitness test and the PWC170 test.

describe one methods of measuring aerobic capcity.

outline one advantage and one disadvantage of this method. (5)

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Exercise and sport Physiology

explain the priciple of a couples reaction using the ATP/PC energy system as your example. (4)

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Exercise and sport Physiology

what is meant by gene doping? critically evaluate he use of gene doping an an ergogenic aid. (6)

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