Key Themes and Dates British History 1780-1880

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Political Leaders and Changing Fortunes of Politic

  • 1780s/90s-Pitt
  • 1812-30-Liverpool (Tory Party 1812-22 + 1822-27 + 1827-30)
  • 1830-1846-Peel (Conservative Party)
  • 1868-1874-Gladstone (also consider Gladstone's role in Peelites and Formation of Liberal Party
  • 1867-1880-Disraeli (also consider Disraeli's actions going back to 1830s) + (Disraeli's Conservative Party-consider 1850s;1866-68;1872 speeches, 1874-1880. Also, Lord Derby Conservative Party Leader 1846-1868)
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Economic and Social Reforms

  • 1819-1830-Reforms of Liverpool's Governments and 'Liberal' Tories
  • 1830s-1840s-Whig Reforms
  • 1840s-Peel's Reforms
  • 1870s-Gladstone's First Ministry Reforms
  • 1874-1876-Disraeli's Reforms
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Popular Protests

  • 1780s-Campaign for Parliamentary Reform
  • 1790s-Revolutionary underground and French Revolution 1789
  • 1812-22-Post War Distress and Discontent
  • 1830s-1840s-Urban/Industrial (Merthyr Rising and Chartism) and Rural/Agricultural Protests (Swing Riots and Rebecca Riots). Protests associated with Social and Economic Reforms e.g Anti-Poor Law Movement, Factory Movement, Anti-Corn Law League
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Government Repression

  • 1790s-Pitt's Reign of Terror
  • 1812-1822- Post War Distress and Discontent and Liverpool's Response
  • 1830s/1840s-Government Responses to Urban/Industrial and Rural/Agricultural Protests
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Parliamentary Reform

  • 1780s-Pitt and Duke of Richmond's attempts to pass Reform, John Wilkes, Yorkshire Association
  • 1790s-French Revolution, Pitt's Reign of Terror and abandonment of Parliamentary Reform
  • 1829-Catholic Emancipation
  • 1832-1832 Reform Act, Days of May, Merthyr Rising, Swing Riots
  • Chartism-Reasons, Aims, Failures
  • 1867-Second Reform Act 1867
  • 1872-The Secret Ballot Act
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