Key characters in Hamlet

Points on key characters in Hamlet

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  • Shakespeare presenst Polonius as a man who's desire to serve the king, and gains power, over-rules everything else. e.g. Polonius "Pawns" Ophelia almost, he uses her to show Hamlets madness. Polonius "loose" her to Hamlet, asif she is live bait.
  • Hamlet refers to Polonius as "fishmonger" this is an elizabthen term for pimp. Polonuis is using his daughter to gan power.
  • Shakespeare presenst him as "sordid". Act 1- Polonius only objection to Hamlets suit of Ophelia is that he has not yet offered a high enough price. He is not bothered about Ophelias feelings towards Hamlet.
  • The play shows controlling parents. For example, Polonius asks Ophelia what Laertus has told her, she has sworn to Laeurtus she won't tell, and she immediatly does.
  • Polonius shows no interest in either of his childrens opinions, and gives neither one of them any respect, or consideration towards there feelings. For example, Laurtus gets the blessing to return to Frnace, then Polonius sends a spy to catch him misbehaving, he cant let go, he always wants to be in control.
  • Twice he initiates surveillance over Hamlet, his meddling and his spying is what leads to Polonius' downfall, when he is stabbed by Hamlet whilst spying.
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  • The resmeblance between Laeruts and Hamlet. Shakespeare presents Laertus as a contrast with Hamlet. Both characters are presented with the same situations, yet both charcaters act very differently to these situations. Laertus is used in the play to highlight Hamlets weaknesses as a son and as a revenger.
  • Laertus is more concerned with appearances
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