Key Figures: The Dutch Revolt - 1555-1609

Revision Cards covering the key figures in the revolt of the Netherlands from 1555-1648


Philip II of Spain

Held sovereign rule over the low countries of the Netherlands. BUT was the ruler of each state and province individually, signifying each state and province's independence.

Enforced strict Heresy Laws. Resisted the independent rule of the Grandees in the Netherlands.

Dies 1598

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Margaret of Parma

Half sister of Philip II.

Regent of the Netherlands from 1559-1567.

Was considered weak by the Grandees of the Netherlands. Pressure applied by the Grandees onto Margaret led to disruption in the Netherlands - and ultimately the outbreak of the revolt.

She was aided by a Spanish 'inner council', which caused great resentment amongst the Grandees.

She resinged in 1567 at the actions of the Duke of Alva, who acted above her as Governor General and disregarded her position.

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The Grandees

The Grandees of the Netherlands were made up of the prominent land owners and influencial figures from the provinces in the Netherlands. Often the princes and rulers of states/provinces.

Leading Nobles such as William of Orange, Earl of Egmont, and Earl of Hornes were the more prominent in the Netherlands and held great influence in their states.

The outbreak of revolt can be contributedto the Grandees, as they were primarily concerned for their own local rights and priveleges.

Local rights and priveleges are a commonfeature and motivator in the Grandees actions throughout the revolt in the Netherlands.

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